Mindcotine Smoking Cessation VR Toolkit

The Mind Company
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Mindcotine Smoking Cessation VR Toolkit

The Mind Company

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MindCotine is an evidence-based digital Smoking Cessation Program that helps smokers effectively train the cognitive system to quit, through remote, personalized, and self-administrated interventions.

The unique and proprietary technology developed by MindCotine, VR-MET, combines Virtual Reality, CBT, Mindfulness and coaching support delivers outstanding results compared to traditional methods.

  • Smoking Cessation VR Toolkit
  • 6 weeks basic training to quit
  • 10 months support to stay quit
  • Weekly Coaching Sessions via text
  • Certify of Completion after basic training is completed
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MindCotine Inc.
MindCotine Inc.
San Jose, California, USA
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